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    Luanne Yeley, BA serves as a Consulting Executive for The Halley Consulting Group. Luanne has worked in the healthcare industry for several decades and applies her extensive real world experience by partnering with physician networks in successful revenue cycle integration and performance improvement. Read more at
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    Before EHR Technology: The Story of My Preemie and Her Medical Team

    Posted by Luanne Yeley on Dec 13, 2018 2:16:38 PM

    I wasn’t able to hold my daughter until she was seven weeks old. At her birth, four months premature, Ramey’s skin was so thin, and her nerve tissue so disconnected, that even the gentlest touch from me would stress her to the point of coding.

    I couldn’t hold my little girl, and so I watched.

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    Topics: Patient-Centered Care

    An Office Without Sides: How to Minimize Conflict in Physician Practices

    Posted by Luanne Yeley on Jan 26, 2018 12:30:55 AM


    How is your medical staff getting along?

    There’s a reason we ask. In our work with medical groups, we often find a quiet but pervasive atmosphere of conflict within the individual practices. Sometimes this tense environment is specific to one practice, which means that medical group administrators may be unaware of the conflict or unable to see how it affects the image and culture of the medical group as a whole.

    It’s only natural that the realities of office stress, productivity burdens, and service expectations might create situations of frustration and resentment among team members. But when conflict goes unresolved, bad feelings fester and bickering increases, creating a toxic work environment and compromising productivity.

    So, what’s at the root of these medical staff conflicts? And how can we foster positive communication in our practices?

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    Topics: Front Desk Operations, Physician Practice Management, Physician Group Consulting

    Purpose-Driven Interim Management: What the Best Interim Managers Know and Do

    Posted by Luanne Yeley on Feb 18, 2016 3:22:55 PM

    On my last day of a recent interim management engagement, my client team members escorted me to a wall in their office where they’d posted reminders of the work we had accomplished together. During the course of my interim assignment, this team and I had spent many hours developing strategy, designing workflows, and creating policy—in other words, implementing change. My team expressed their appreciation for my influence and vowed to return to this wall often to consider the question “What would Luanne do?” Although I would no longer be with them, they wanted to remember and sustain the change we had effected.

    Organizations increasingly acknowledge that recruiting an interim manager is one of the most flexible, immediate, and effective resourcing solutions for access to top talent while they search for permanent leadership. An interim manager is an experienced executive resource who is engaged on a temporary basis and may be called on to assist an organization with building infrastructure, implementing change necessary for improved performance, restructuring an organization, or overseeing a critical project.

    However, not all interim managers are considered equal. For healthcare organizations and medical networks, here are a few things you should expect from the best interim managers—those executives who have a proven track record of improving performance and driving positive, lasting change for their clients.

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    Topics: Interim Management

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