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    Stephanie Davis brings 22 years of experience in medical practice operations and revenue cycle management to her Director of Revenue Cycle Services and Consulting Executive roles. She has worked as a billing specialist for managed care claims for a large MSO containing more than seventy family practice, pediatric, and internal medicine physicians.

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    Site-neutral payments: What does it all really mean?

    Posted by Stephanie Boim on Dec 18, 2015 1:27:00 PM

    Experts agree that the days of payment differential are fading. The new and revised place of service codes become effective January 1, 2016. What are your considerations for developing strategies in a site-neutral environment?


    As a revenue cycle leader, one of my most challenging moments was trying to explain to an eighty-six-year-old patient why she had to pay more for her doctor visit. The patient had a great understanding of her deductible and coinsurance. She also had been seeing the same internal medicine physician for more than thirty years, as she reminded me frequently throughout our conversation.

    But things had changed. Her internal medicine physician’s practice had been acquired by the local hospital system. What was once a private practice, owned and operated by the doctors within the group, was now an off-campus hospital outpatient department.

    I asked the patient if she had seen the new signage and if she’d received the written notice describing her potential financial liability with the change in practice ownership. She informed me that she’d had to fill out new paperwork and had been given plenty of documents in return—but in her opinion, it was all a big waste of time. Nothing had changed for her in years. She lived in the same home and carried the same red, white, and blue Medicare card she’d always had. Why, she wanted to know, did she have to pay more money to receive the same care she’d been receiving for years?

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