Who is My Customer? Why Every Interaction Matters in Primary Care and Specialty Settings

    Posted by Andrew Halley on Jan 27, 2017 7:06:00 AM

    Several years ago, a colleague and I were presenting market research to a large audience of employed physicians and administrators. A few minutes into the presentation, a physician in the middle of the hotel ballroom raised his hand and said, rather adamantly, “Don’t call my patients customers! They are not customers, they are patients!”

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    Topics: Physician Practice Management, Primary Care Retail Strategy, Primary Care Market Share

    5 Steps to Building a Meaningful Executive Rounding Program

    Posted by Heather Susnik on May 6, 2016 2:27:46 PM

    As hospital CEOs take on more of a market manager role, it is crucial for them to build and sustain relationships with employed and private practice physicians in the community. We all know that referrals follow relationships—and that all relationships atrophy over time—so hospital executives need a coordinated way to proactively visit with physicians on an ongoing basis.

    One way you can assist your CEO to stay focused on physician relationships is by creating an executive rounding program, where hospital or healthcare system executives meet with targeted physicians on regularly scheduled visits.

    The following steps will help you on your way to building an executive rounding program that is both meaningful and effective.


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    Topics: Physician Practice Management, Primary Care Retail Strategy, Primary Care Market Share, Engaging Employed Physicians

    Are PCPs the Foundation of Your Growth Strategy? They should be.

    Posted by Sarah Montijo, MHA on Nov 10, 2015 10:00:00 AM

    The following post was written by Sarah Montijo, MHA, Director of Business Analytics and Consulting Executive for Halley Consulting Group.


    Sit in almost any hospital leadership meeting focused on growth or strategy, and you will likely hear the phrase market share—the percentage of admissions the hospital captured relative to the market basket, or total admissions for a given area. The competitive landscape of healthcare makes monitoring your market share trends, and understanding what and who is impacting those trends, a must.

    Gone are the days when hospital CEOs could focus strictly on managing the hospital. Now they must also manage their market. These hospital CEOs, whom we often refer to as market managers, have to appreciate what drives their market share by understanding the relationships and affiliations that exist with physician practices in their community, and by forging relationships where they are currently absent. Market managers should consistently ask themselves three questions:

    • Where is my market share?
    • Who holds my market share?
    • What are they doing with it?
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    Topics: Primary Care Retail Strategy

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